Mysore to Wayanad Taxi for 5 Days with Price & Itinerary

Looking forward to an adventurous trip with your friends, but don’t want to go to the same cliché places that everyone else has already visited? Visit Wayanad and fall in love with the enticing hills, bewitching forests, and the charming valleys with Mysore Taxi Station – 5 day trip to Wayanad from Mysore in a private taxi.

Wayanad is a remote land hidden in the folds of Kerala and is filled with the wonders of nature including wildlife, lakes, and waterfalls. We can book you a taxi ranging from a sedan to a hatchback, SUV or a Crossover depending on the number of people travelling.

Day 1

Chembra Peak

Visit the highest peak in Kerala – Chembra Peak and fall in love with its beauty. Overlooking the nearby districts, one can trek to the top and sit around the Hridaya Thadakam, a serene heart-shaped lake. Chembra peak is the first place to visit in your 5 day trip to Wayanad by private taxi.

Edakkal Caves

Located on Ambukuthi Mala, the Edakkal caves have been identified as the only Neolithic site in India. The caves are divided into two chambers, each filled with Stone Age carvings along with the ancient Tamil and Brahmi scripts engraved onto the walls.

Day 2

Pookot Lake

On your day 2, start your tour with Pookot lake by private taxi. Surrounded by lush green forests and hills extending indefinitely, this lake is roughly in the shape of India’s map and is famous for holding blue lotuses and freshwater fishes.

Meenmutty Falls

The Meenmutty waterfall is split into three different decks and has different viewpoints for each of them. You can take a stroll on the surrounding cobbled path or rest in the forest camp house.

Lakkidi View Point

Get a complete view of the Wayanad valley from this point, also known as the ‘Gateway to Wayanad’. The famous Ficus tree in this area is believed to hold the soul of a young man. You can visit this view point in our comfortable and well maintained taxi.

Day 3

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

Famous for its avian bird species, this bird sanctuary is surrounded by hills and forests. Book a safari tour or trek inside the sanctuary and spot some of the most exotic species. Start your day 3 of your 5 day trip by taxi to Wayanad with Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary.

Soochippara Waterfalls

Located in Vellarimala, the Soochipara waterfalls are 20 m in height. You can trek along the forests which are supplemented by the picturesque beauty of the plantations and the echoing sound of the falls itself.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Also known as the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, the reserve consists of a huge variety of flora and fauna. There is an immense focus on the scientific conservation of the wildlife while the general lifestyle of the tribes is also kept into consideration.

Day 4

Banasura Sagar Dam

Built on the Karamanathodu river, this dam aids the Kakkayam Hydroelectric Power Project. One can trek to the top or take a speedboat ride. Visit the Shri Ayyappa or Shri Nath temple.

Kuruva Island

This beautiful island has tree-top huts which can be hired and spent a night in. Going all-natural and staying in its raw form, bamboo rafts are available and used for travelling from one island to another.

Shopping in Wayanad

By hiring a taxi from Mysore to Wayanad, you get to visit every best shopping place in Wayanad. Buy the locally produced handicrafts including the bamboo artefacts, herbal plants, and handloom textiles in Shanthi Pappadam. The spices, tea, and coffee produced here are renowned around the world, but it is their special honey that has a unique flavour to it.

Day 5

Bandipur National Park

Visit the Bandipur National Park and come across innumerable endangered species including the Asian Elephant and the Royal Bengal Tiger on your last day of 5 day trip to Wayanad from Mysore by private and comfortable taxi. There are a number of interesting options available in different directions including boating, trekking, bird-watching etc.

About Mysore

Mysore is a famous travel destination for travellers around the globe for the multiple travel opportunities it provides and many sightseeing places to visit in Mysore. Ranging from museums to palaces, lakes, waterfalls, and handicrafts, the city of Mysore gives you the chance to experience art, culture, nature, and heritage all at a single destination. Visit the Mysore palace and the Lalitha Mahal and come across the famous paintings by Raja Ravi Varma.

About Wayanad

Wayanad is a rural district in the state of Kerala. Located in the Western Ghats, Wayanad Tourism is surrounded by Mudumalai and Bandipur. The town majorly follows a no-plastic policy and has preserved its wildlife and forest cover as much as it can. With a low population density, the town is peaceful and worth the time.

We hope we have convinced you enough to pay a visit to the peaceful town of Wayanad. Your travel will be covered by Mysore Taxi Station, a one-stop destination for all your travel requirements. We can book you a sedan, hatchback or an MUV depending on your requirements and assure you the maximum comfort at the minimum rate. All our chauffeurs are locals and have great knowledge about Wayanad sightseeing places, food and shopping.

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