Mysore to Wayanad Taxi for 3 Days with Price & Itinerary

The best way to spend time with your loved ones is going on a trip together and if you hail from Mysore or are visiting it, it only makes sense that you take a road trip to Wayanad, God’s Own Country. We will arrange a hatchback, a sedan or an SUV or all of them depending upon the number of people you’re travelling with.

Wayanad is a beautiful town that draws thousands of tourists every year to enjoy the town’s greenery and its cool weather. It is one of the most popular weekend getaway from Mysore. Wayanad is located only 130 KM from Mysore, which is also the perfect distance for a road trip! Our 3 Days trip to Wayanad from Mysore by private taxi is the right way to explore this quaint hill station in Kerala.

Day 1 :

Banasura Sagar Dam

The 1st destination that you’ll be visiting in Wayanad is the well known, Banasura Sagar Dam. This earthen dam sits proudly amidst Banasura Hills. Tourists often carry picnic lunches to sit along the banks and enjoy their meal and the view of the reservoir. The next thing to do here is to go speed boating. Thanks to its magnificents waterfalls, splendid views and lush greenery, the dam features as a must visit site for everyone visiting Wayanad.

Lakkidi View Point

The next destination that you’ll be driven to is Lakkidi View Point with our 3 days trip to Wayanad in private taxi. Tourists immensely enjoy trekking at Lakkidi since the entire area is flecked with greenery and small streams of water. The view point offers mesmerising views of every valley and mountain of Wayanad!

Chembra Peak

Get ready to visit Chembra Peak next. Chembra Peak is a raging favourite amongst tourists because the peak offers uninterrupted views of Wayanad, Kozhikode, Malappuram, and Nilgiri. Apart from the views, the most interesting thing about Chembra Peak is its heart-shaped lake. Trek around the peak to enjoy beautiful surroundings and do not forget to visit the lake!

Day 2 :

Edakkal Caves

Day 2 of Wayanad will start with a visit to Edakkal Caves. These prehistoric caves are natural caves, some of which date back to 8000 B.C. You will also be able to spot exquisite rock cravings within the caves.

Kuruva Island

Kuruvadweep is next on our itinerary. It is a knot of islands on the Kabini River. You must not leave the island without boating or rafting in the river. The island is also home to several indigenous trees, orchids and birds. Don’t forget to take a nature walk and stroll along the bamboo tree bridges.

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is a haven for birds and nature lovers. Be alert or you might miss out on a rare bird or two. The sanctuary also shelters rare plants and rock cut caves. It’s one of the most prefered places to visit in our 3 days trip from Mysore to Wayanad in a well maintained taxi with professional driver.

Wayanad / Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Travelling to Wayanad isn’t complete if you aren’t taking a tour of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the top crowd drawers of Wayanad. The sanctuary can be divided into two sections – Multhanga and Tholpetty. The forest covers a massive area where eucalyptus and bamboo are dominant plant species.

Day 3 :

Soochipara Waterfall

Day 3 starts with a trip to the Soochipara Waterfall which is best known for offering grand views of tea estates of Wayanad. This three-tiered waterfall is famous among adventure lovers. You must participate in trekking and rock climbing here. Wash off the exhaustion of trekking by taking a dip at the small pool beneath the waterfalls!

Pookot Lake

Next destination of Day 3 is Pookot Lake. This is a sweet water lake enveloped by trees, hills and a sense of serenity. Complete your visit to Pookot Lake by visiting the aquarium, children’s park and spice emporiums. It definitely is one of the most picturesque places that you find in Wayanad. Do not miss this charming place in our 3 day trip from Mysore to Wayanad.

Meenmutty Falls

Next on the list is the Meenmutty Falls, an ideal place for a jungle trek. The lush green surroundings and clear streams of water are the perfect settings for a refreshing trek. This is the second highest terrain of Kerala, so don’t miss out on the golden opportunity to trek here!


Last but not least, we take you out for Shopping. The best place to shop in Wayanad is Santhi Pappadam. This quaint shop stocks up on every Wayanad speciality such as pepper, spices and coffee. Trident Arcade is a good place to shop for textiles while you would want to shop for modern goods at Focus Mall.

About Mysore

The City of Palaces, Mysore is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Home to dazzling architecture, enviable royal heritage, silk sarees, and it’s globally famous Dussehra Festivities. There are umpteen number of sightseeing places to visit in Mysore. Chamundi Hills in Mysore is also visited by tourists for its beautiful temples and viewpoints. The most famous attractions of Mysore are the Mysore Palace, Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion, Brindavan Gardens and Mysore Zoo.

About Wayanad

Wayanad is one of the most visited towns in Kerala. Tourists are charmed by Wayanad waterfalls, rock-cut caves, greenery and spice emporiums. There are numerous tourism places in Wayanad. Tourists are also known to spot wild elephants in the laps of Wayanad hills. The best way to indulge in the relaxed attitude of Wayanad is to just laze around, mingle with the locals and enjoy delectable regional cuisine.

We are sure that you have made up your mind to visit Wayanad from Mysore. Our fleet has a number of hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs at your service. These cabs from Mysore are extremely comfortable, with enough boot space while never compromising on the luxury of your entire experience. We are here to make your 3 days trip to Wayanad from Mysore in a private taxi, the most memorable and await you to serve at Wayanad.

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